Natural Pregnancy Newsletter

Welcome to the Health, Home, & Happiness Natural Pregnancy and Baby Care Newsletter!  I've written a step-by-step guide that covers what I believe is important for you to research while you are pregnant. I don't make your decisions for you, but rather I ask you questions and provide suggestions for how you can research on your own.

This newsletter gives you updates about the e-book, as well as some related information about pregnancy and the early years of baby's care. 

Topics covered in the e-book: 

Preconception nutrition
Fertility information
Coming off birth control
Choosing a care providor
Nutrition during pregnancy
Morning sickness help
How to research the common path of prenatal care, and choose what is right in your family.
How to choose and prioritize what to buy for baby equipment
Diapering options
Vaccination options
Circumcision decisions
Pregnancy journals, belly photo tips, and ways to make your pregnancy memorable.

Short daily reading

Each week is broken into 5 short sections, so you and your family can understand what's happening with mom and baby's development (Monday), get a nutrition tip and recipe for a healthy pregnancy (Tuesday), Get started with a discussion and read recommended further reading for specific health decisions (Wednesday), Switch to healthy alternative everyday products (Thursday), and follow the prompts to write in your pregnancy journal to give the baby later in life, letting him know how much he has been cherished from the start (Friday).
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